Our History

It all starts with


your food can only be as good as what goes into it

When Debbie Davis started Counter Cafe in 2006, she focused on this core value she learned from her time as employee number 23 at Whole Foods. Taking over the location of one of Austin’s iconic diners, Davis set out to create an atmosphere that tipped its cap to the diners of old in a city on the cusp of inconceivable growth.

Enter Nick and Steve Cruz in the kitchen and the table was set for a dining experience destined to make its mark on the burgeoning Austin dining scene. Greasy Spoon classics with a refined, worldly touch that brought this small 24 seat diner into the spotlight with the simple slogan of “Local Food, Global Love”.

In 2014, Doug Kissner joined the team as the partners looked to build on the success of the first location for a new, larger space in Austin’s growing east side.

The Counter Cafe is a unique 21st-Century Authentic American Diner focused on serving up the finest of fresh, local and organic food with global love.